Collaborative Storytelling

latest project

The Dinner Detective – Cincinnati

Promotional video for murder mystery dinner theatre, “The Dinner Detective” in Cincinnati.

Directed by: Michael J. Gerrity
Produced by: Ryan C. Sands

artist statement

Above all things I am a story teller. Using film and video I write and produce narrative works that deal with the human mind and our understanding of self and each other. Drawing on theatrical methodologies such as theatre of the absurd or Bertolt Brecht’s “Epic Theatre,” I create stories that are highly relatable yet somewhat alien in order to produce work that an audience can grasp but unusual enough to spark discussion.

I create my work in a highly collaborative environment, developing ideas and constructing my pieces though discussions with fellow artists and crew members. Through my work I try to diminish the ideas of a sole auteur and support the working methods of the theatre where everyone involved is working to create something bigger than themselves.

directing reel

in progress


A woman must fight for her innocence when she receives a mysterious W2 from ISIS.

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BLOWN is a story seen through the eyes of an outsider making his way into The Second City's Gay community for a second chance.

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A group of friends, lovers, and acquaintances, must come to terms with their own desires to save the cumbling world around them.

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Visual Retention

When a high school senior's life and sanity is questioned, he's forced to take a murderous cult into his own hands.

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film & video

Memorial Service to Follow

As a filmmaker says goodbye to his art, he realizes he’s still mourning the loss of his father.

Memorial Service to Follow is a stage play about the life and death of Michael’s father, a Vietnam War combat veteran. The play is a memorial to all things lost, including: Michael’s father, other service members, and the art of celluloid film. The live action is accompanied by live 16mm film and video projections.

The first workshop performance was at Chemically Imbalanced Theatre Chicago, IL September 2013

For more information please visit the full website at

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